AWS IoT Greengrass, in its fundamental design functionality, is constructed to interact with and without access to the cloud.

Moreover, AWS IoT Greengrass defends user info and maximizes safety with its solution through reliable authentication and sanction of devices. It has a steady association in the regional network and transmission…

As you are well informed, the Internet of Things is developing rapidly, and the world is witnessing an unbelievable extension in courses of business applications. But what are the particular advantages of IoT connected devices- scroll down to find them.

Flexibility for new devices and appliances

Smart home systems serve…

Edge Computing Platforms

Do you know- edge computing is a new and enhanced version of network architecture that hits the edges of traditional cloud computing. But, what are the top edge computing platforms?

First of All, Section

The Section is an edge computing platform that mainly concentrates on DevOps- also, the platform blends with application engineer’s workloads…

How‘s’ IoT helping Agriculture?

At present, the Internet of Things (IoT) device is every object that can be controlled through the internet. IoT can become popular in the consumer market because of its various services, for instance, the AWS IoT services. But how is IoT helping Agriculture? Well, let’s discover in this post.

First of all, smart greenhouse



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